Ms. Scenceable (scenceable) wrote in scenceableicons,
Ms. Scenceable

26 Amy Lee/ Evanescence icons

26 icons of amy lee/ evanescence. happy birthday to amy! :D these are mostly from the good lithium caps I've gotten, and some from the grammy noms, kroq show, challenge stuff, etc.

-credit scenceable
-if you want to use ANY of my icons on evthreads, just comment and I'll change the size on them. :)

and enjoy.

09GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting11GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting17GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

01GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting02GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting03GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting04GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

05GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting06GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting07GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting08GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

09GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting10GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting11GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting12GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

13GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting14GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting15GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting16GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

17GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting18GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting19GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting20GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

21GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting22GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting23GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting24GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

25GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting26GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

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