Ms. Scenceable (scenceable) wrote in scenceableicons,
Ms. Scenceable

animated horse racing icon requestable.

Animated Horse Racing icon requestable


Okay, so this is just something I thought of, I learned to do animated icons with photoshop recently so I figured I’d give you guys a chance to request icons. The icons are animated and WILL fit livejournal standards.


However, there are lots of rules so make sure you read through everything before requesting. **IF YOU WANT, you can just suggest a horse's name and get whatever icon comes along with that. If you want something specific, use the form 

okay, so I have no time for this anymore, and since I only got 2 requests in the first place this is generally pointless. again, if you wish to suggest names, go ahead, but since my computer is a slow POS and each icon takes like 1/2 might wait a while.

I'm getting better at animation too so again, this requestable is pointless. yay. scenceableicons will have future icons.

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