Ms. Scenceable (scenceable) wrote in scenceableicons,
Ms. Scenceable

racehorse tribute challenge (50 icons)

work in progress, the 50 icon racehorse tribute challenge for racehorse_icons!

-if taking comment
-CREDIT 'scenceable' please
-requests are permitted, just provide a picture

Icon List:

BARBARO: 01, 14, 15, 27, 28
PINE ISLAND: 05, 09, 24, 33, 34
ELECTROCUTIONIST: 02, 03, 19, 25
OUIJA BOARD: 10, 21, 22, 32
KRZ RUCKUS: 06, 17
LOST IN THE FOG: 07, 12, 30, 36, 45
SAINT LIAM: 08, 20, 50
FLEET INDIAN: 13, 18, 37
WITH A CITY: 11, 35
BERNARDINI: 31, 42, 47, 49
BLUEGRASS CAT: 38, 39, 43
GIACOMO: 44, 48


001 : 002 : 003 : 004 : 005 :
006 : 007 : 008 : 009 : 010 :
011 : 012 : 013 : 014 : 015 :
016 : 017 : 018 : 019 : 020 :
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021 : 022 : 023 : 024 : 025 :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
026 : 027 : 028 : 029 : 030 :
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031 : 032 : 033 : 034 : 035 :
036 : 037 : 038 : 039 : 040 :
041 : 042 : 043 : 044 : 045 :
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046 : 047 : 048 : 049 : 050 :

edit1: 02/01/07: 08:53pm: added 5
edit2: 02/02/07: 06:53pm: added 5
edit3: 02/03/07: 03:02pm: added 5 (and I'm having to use stupid photobucket because GJ is being stupid! ack!)
edit4: 02/03/07: 07:01pm: added 4
edit5: 02/03/07: 08:22pm: added 7
edit6: 02/05/07: 07:36pm: added 4
edit7: 02/06/07: 04:57pm: added 5
edit8: 02/11/07: 12:40pm: added 6
edit9: 04/10/07: 06:47pm: added 9 FINISHED
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OMG I love them! I snagged Barbaro and Pine Island!
ooh and did you do the pretty colored thing on the Electrocutionist ones (specifically #3)?
I just placed a texture on and then used eraser tool to edit it where I wanted it. not too hard :) the texture I used for #3 was this one (I think lol, I have too many saved all over the place)

GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

hope that helps :)
Wow. Totally using #1. Awesome.
Barbaro ones seriously almost made me cry. They're all stunningly beautiful...great job.
I just love your style. I'll be taking the Barbaro ones and possibly more. Do you know of a good guide to making animated icons? Even the ones that just go through still images slideshow-like? I'd like to learn how.
I copied the Ouija Board ones. Thanks!
I will do it within the next week or so; I've been really busy and not updated any icons, but I will!! :)

do you want me to make an icon from every picture?
okay, looking at the pictures, I don't really want to use final turn gallery pics (although I do have permission from gennia and sue, its just I don't like using them for requests) but I can use the other ones.

also, I have made icons of alex and brother derek in the past (maybe even from those pics, I'm not sure)

if you go to the memories of scenceableicons look under 'horse racing' and go see the stuff there.
i snagged the ones for Second of June.
snagged two of the barbaro ones.

your icons are beautiful!
ohh...and if you wouldn't mide, someday...would you like to make me a Real Quiet icon? animated or not...any picture you can find. I just only have a very few, and I'm not very good at it. Only if you have the time, of course.
Nice job!

I'm still working on mine...
Seriously where's Scat Daddy? Everyone knows he will win the 2007 Kentucky Derby!
scat daddy didn't die or retire in 2006, lol!
oh, wow. taking 1, will credit.
you're amazing.
:( it makes me sad even though im from britian and i dont know these horse apart from barbaro thats why im not to fussed on racing because its so risky and if they arent good enought alot go to the slaughter houses which is disgusting as i love horses and have been riding for 10 years (since i was five) its just when a horse brakes its leg its very hard to fix and this is what happens alot in racing :( i also hate it when the jokies continoulty smack them the horse is doing its best!, barbaro ones make me sad hes so beautiful
I think racehorses are treated really really well, they have great medical and are very spoiled.

as for the smacking, there are rules about that and jockeys will get suspended if they hit their horses too much.

and as for slaughter, yeah, it is a problem. not really for horses no one wants, just horses who have minor injuries and things that owners can't afford to fix and things.

my horse was going to be dogfood but since we took him he wasn't, haha :)
oh ye i know they have all the top medical stuff i was just saying that alot of them get injuries and it must be different over her in britian because they hit thier horses :( and i think that the owners have not excuse really they can trie and sell them or at the worst possible thing euthanise them but not slaughter and oh i think thats really kind of you that you rescued your horse :) when im old enough to have one i want to get a rescue one :)